On My Nightstand

>> Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Other people who blog sometimes have a list in the margin that shows what they're reading at the time. I enjoy looking at those lists. I like to see what other people are interested in. Now that Olivia's ballet classes have started back up I've actually had time to do some catchin' up on my reading while I wait for her in the car. So here's what's on my nightstand right now:

Shame Off You
by Alan Wright...just finished it. Great book!
Grand Weaver by Ravi Zacharias
Saving Fish From Drowning by Amy Tan
Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon
Grace Based Parenting by Tim Kimmell
Building the Bonds of Attachment: Awakening Love in Deeply Troubled Children by Daniel Hughes

And speaking of ballet and reading...I'm off to sit in the car for two hours to read some more. Isn't that heavenly??


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