Scarlet Thread

>> Sunday, March 23, 2008

I stole a great Easter idea from a friend this year. I tied different colored yarn to each Easter basket before hiding them. I wove the yarn throughout the whole house, in and out of furniture, creating a beautiful web. (Well, it was beautiful until I had to figure out how to get our 100 lb. golden retriever through it to go outside!!) Anyway, I left the rest of the yarn at the top of the stairs with their names on each corresponding color and instructions to follow the "bunny trail" to their baskets. It was so much fun watching them rolling up their yarn and getting tangled up with each other. It created a memorable experience.

As we were sitting in church this morning I was thinking that the colored yarn that led my children to their baskets is like the scarlet thread each one of us is invited to follow. This particular thread, however, doesn't lead to a basket full of temporary leads to life everlasting! The thread is colored scarlet because it's covered in His blood which was shed at the cross, payment in full for our sins. Just as one single thread led my children to their destination, Jesus is the ONLY way to our final destination.

This Easter, I am so thankful that God threw us a lifeline named Jesus which leads us back to Him. I am thankful that His death on the cross redeemed me from my sinfulness. But more importantly, I'm thankful that He rose again three days later. Without His resurrection, Jesus would just be another great figure in history. It was the fact that He conquered death that we celebrate. Because He conquered death we have reason to hope. We have something powerful to believe in. I know of no other God that is worthy of our praise.


Make Your Best Offer

>> Monday, March 17, 2008

Today I'm ready to sell all my kids to the circus, the zoo or the first person to make an offer. It has been a hard parenting day. Don't get me wrong. I love my kids and I really love the job of parenting. I love shepherding their hearts. I love teaching them, guiding their thoughts, their motives and redirecting their selfish hearts toward God. BUT some days are definitely harder than others. Some days require more patience, strength, and definitely more self-control. Let's face it, I live in a house full of sinners and today these little heathens have put my own sinful nature to the test. Today, I am desperately listening for my own Shepherd's voice. I need Him to guide me, redirect me. I need His rod and His staff to comfort me. Or else you'll be seeing these kids the next times Barnum and Bailey come to town.



>> Thursday, March 6, 2008

I've never been a big fan of devotionals. There's usually one verse at the top of a page and three-four paragraphs of some person's commentary or cute little story on that one verse. They totally annoy me. Give me more Scripture and maybe a *few* words of insight on that Scripture. But don't overload me with another human's interpretation of Scripture.

I really want to know my Shepherd's voice. And the best way to do that is to really dig into the Word. But my Bible study over the years has been rather random and spontaneous. I pick up the Bible, open it and tend to read whatever I land on (my Bible professors would be appalled!). Despite this rather wimpy method of studying, God has used it powerfully in my life. Sometimes, the words jump off the page and speak volumes to me. But lately, I've been craving more Bible study, more depth, maybe something a little more intentional. Well, today I jumped over to my dear friend, Ann's blog and she had a whole list of creative ways to study the Bible. One idea in particular was writing out the Bible. It's called scribing. Why didn't I think of that?? So simple and yet so effective. Ever since my kids were in Kindergarten I've been having them copy out verses, poems, speeches because not only do they learn grammar, spelling, etc this way but they also retain what they're studying better if they write it out.

So today, I'm going to get started. I haven't decided which book of the Bible to choose yet. I'm praying for direction. Maybe Acts? Or one of the Gospels? But I have just the journal book in mind and my colored pencils are all sharpened and ready for making my own observations in the margins. I haven't been this excited about studying the Bible in a long time. Thank Ann, I'm inspired!



>> Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I find it interesting how quick we are to judge. We have a handicapped pass for our car because my husband has MS and we have a son who has severe neuro problems and therefore can't sit or walk (he is very heavy too!!). It's safe to say our parking pass is justified. But it never ceases to amaze me how many people will judge us. Countless times people will walk behind our van to see if we have a pass or not. Some old ladies will even shake their heads at us or do a double-take. They judge us based on who knows what...maybe my husband's age, maybe we just look like the type of family who wants to take advantage of close parking! I don't know. Years ago a cop pulled over my husband just because he didn't look handicapped. What is handicapped suppose to look like might I ask???

I have to admit I often give in to the thoughts of others. Even if my husband is having a good day and can walk without the use of his cane I'll tell him to take his cane anyway just so people will see it when he gets out of the car. As if I have to justify our pass to complete strangers. But if people knew our story maybe they wouldn't judge. Maybe they wouldn't peer behind our van. I'm not above judgment, however. I've done it too...jump to big conclusions without knowing someone's story. My thoughts run wild when I'm at the checkout behind a mom who has lost control of her young ones. I've wagged my finger at people inside my head when I see them doing something I don't agree with. But I need to stop and remember that I don't know their story. It's usually not for me to know. Just like I don't want everyone to know my business, I don't need to know everyone else's. It's not for me to judge.


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